Where can I buy a good sofa and love seat slipcovers?

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Question by Annie: Where can I buy a good sofa and love seat slipcovers?
Where can I buy a good sofa and love seat slipcovers that aren’t too expensive and has a good quality material? My sofa is about 82-85 inches long and my love seat is about 65 inches long.

What are the difference between T Cushion slipcovers and Box Cushion slipcovers?
If it helps, I also have cushions that are on the sofa and love seat that are sewn onto the sofa/love seat.

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Answer by Eagles Fly
You can try Walmart or any upholstery shop. They aren’t cheap any way you look at it if you’re looking for quality and a material that will last. You can look at what Walmart, Kohls, etc. to see what they have to offer. Also check upholstery shops. May be cheaper than purchasing new furniture. Although I just read that just about all stores are discounting all merchandise. You just might find new furniture at the same price as slip covers. Just about all stores are discounting any where from 20 – 30- 40- 50-60 % Might be the right time to buy. Check around. This also includes internet. This is because people just aren’t buying because of the economy. If you have a few extra bucks to spend it might be worth your while to look around.

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I have seen these in packages for sale at stores like Joann’s Fabrics and also at places like Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens ‘n’ Things.

My daughter was pleased with some she found online, at overstock.com:


The only problem there would be the hassle of returning if you didn’t like them.

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