What Do Guys Want – Relationships, Dating, Love And Girls

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What Do Guys Want – Relationships, Dating, Love And Girls

All guys are different of course and have their own unique wants and needs, but still they are similar. Some general rules I have found on what guys want in a girl:

1. Focus on your own happiness
Men are attracted to girls who are smiling and happy in their own lives. Women who are passionate about their hobbies and confident in their own skin allure men.

2. Be easygoing
Many girls put a lot of pressure on men, which scares them away. When a girl nags, the guys feel he is not good enough for her and he prefer to be with someone who loves him as he is. If a woman tells him he can´t go out with his mates, he feels trapped.

3. the crying
Men freak out when we get emotional and hate hurting us. But when you cry yourself to a relationship, it has no stable ground. Make sure he is with you because he loves you, not because he feels sorry for you.

4. Approach the guys
Guys love it when girl approach them. It means they don´t have to put themselves out there and risk being rejected and heart broken. Flirt a little and then go away; they love the hunt.

5. Look your best
Appearance is very important to men. Do your best with what you have. Most guys seem to prefer “real” girls before supermodels, natural before super . When looking for a girlfriend guys choose down to earth before plastic.

6. Drink with moderation
Most guys hate it when women are too drunk; they don’t think it’s classy at all. The same with smoking.

7. Stroll around on your own
Leave your friends for a while when you’re out and about. Girls in groups are intimidating and guys want to approach in a safe place.

8. Be mysterious
Almost all guys like the thrill of the chase. Text and call with moderation. Show interest but don´t ask them to marry you on the first date…

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The Love Coach Carolin Dahlman, www.coaching2love.com

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