Rani Gari Katha – Rani Gari Katha – Episode 12

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These are wonderful experiences of a young Brahmin girl and a Muslim boy who fall in love and get married .They make a five point agreement to enable a smooth married life. It has points like both will not convert their religion but both will respect each other’s religion etc. Though there are initial hiccups, they get married with the consent of both the parents. Rani’s father is a pandit and Saif’s father is a Tailor .Rani is a very grounded girl and Saif is a very loving boy. Both make an ideal couple. Every episode has a small story about the various problems they face and how they over come them. The foundation for all the compromises they make is true love and respect for each other. The most fascinating thing is that all the incidents are true stories of a couple who have had an inter religious marriage and survived through two decades and are still happily married with two children.
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