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Question by gabe m: Love….?….?….?…?….?
I just want to know if love exists between two people that is strong and uncontrollable and absolutely amazing. A love that has deep desire and you only love that person and want nothing more to make them happy. I want this so badly! I know this sounds rediculious but I just got done reading the twilight series and it made me want a love like that. How do you know if you are in that kind of deep love? Any life examples of this love?

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Answer by Lonely Spirit
i know what you mean. by a true love. and you will know and feel it when it happens. although i have never felt that kind of love before, my best friend was in a relationship and that was deffinately love. and this love does exist. and you will find it soon enough. you’ll just have to wait until the time is right for you and that special someone.

-Lonely Spirit

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