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Question by pbabyy1234: LOVE???????????????????????????????????
People always say i remember my first love, looking back on your first love do you still believe it was actual love? How is it different from your true love? and how can you tell if your first love is your true love? it sounds stupid, but im confused… help?

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Answer by ~Fountain~
Okay, looking back at my first “love” I realize it wasn’t a true love it was more like a childhood flame. There’s a big difference. True love is when you look in her eyes and you know deep down in your heart that you could never live without her. Love is something you will know when you feel. Just last year I got to feel what it is like to truely be in love. I knew I was in love with her when it was too late and my heart was broken… Hope I helped in some way =)
(In your case of course it will be a he lol i had to write with she tho)

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