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Question by (GiRl FrOm LiVeRpOoL): Love????????????????????
do you people like believe in love like love love? cause even though i always say that i love my bf i still think that how can love be real and i can never believe him i dunno why i just need a proof? what do you think?

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Answer by Jennifer
Yes love def exists. It sounds like you have trust issues if you cannot believe your bf loves you. What kind of “proof” would you need ? You should know (a woman’s instinct) you can feel it if your bf really loves you like he says he does.

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love does exist, you will know when you love someone all you can think about is them, you just wanna be with them, you will know when your in love and when some one truly loves you, true love is something that many people never find and once you have it should never let it go, as other person said you need trust, either hes not showing his love to you enough or you don’t trust him enough, maybe you should talk to him bout it

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