Physical attraction, passion and love

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Physical attraction, passion and love

Physical attraction, passion and love

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Home Page > Relationships > Sexuality > Physical attraction, passion and love

Physical attraction, passion and love

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Posted: Dec 14, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Physical attraction, passion and love

By: Ana Bela

About the Author

Ana Bela adores the love and to be loved see my blog at Dicas para fazer amor and Disfunção Eretil e Ejaculação Precoce .

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Article Source: attraction, passion and love

Physical attraction

In the physical attraction it lives our instincts harnessed to our physiologic state as the sexual needs, pleasure and perpetuity of the species.


The passion is a fort feeling that she can take even as a pathology provinda of the love. Manifested the passion in having owed circumstance, the individual tends to be less rational, prioritizing the instinct of possessing the object that caused him/her the desire. Being like this, the lover can transcend their limits with respect to reason and, in extreme situations, it edges the obsession.

That intense and impetuous attraction is intimately linked to the serotonina drop in the brain: responsible chemical (neurotransmissor) substance for several feelings and pathologies, among them the anxiety and the stress; the depression and the obsessive-compulsive psychosis.

Love Interpessoal

The Amor Interpessoal refers to the love among the human beings. It is a more potent feeling than a simple one to like between two or more people. Without love he/she refers to the love feelings that are not reciprocity. Love Interpessoal is more associated with relationships interpessoais. Such love can exist among family, friends and couples. There is also a series of psychological disturbances related to the love, as erotomania.

* Some feelings that are frequently associated with Amor Interpessoal:

the Affection: feelings of tenderness and / or wanting physical proximity

the Attraction: to satisfy emotional basic needs

the Altruism: altruist or altruist concern for somebody else

the Reciprocity: if the love is reciprocal

the Commitment: a desire to maintain the love

the emotional Intimacy: the change of emotions and feelings

the Friendship: the spirit among friends

the Relationship: family bows

the Passion: I want constant, sense through modification of the heart rhythm

the physical Intimacy: sharing of the personal and intimate space

the TO it solemnity-interests: when it is sought rewards

the Service: I want of helping

The sexuality can be an important element in the determination in the way of a relationship.

While the attraction sexual, a lot of times, it creates a new sexual bond. This intention, when isolated, it can be considered undesirable or inadequate in certain love types. In a lot of religions and ethics systems it is considered wrong, the way to act on sexual desire to the family in an immediate way.

I eat for instance: for the children, or out of a determined relationship. However, there are many sort things out of expressing passionate love without . I affect, emotional intimacy, shares of interests and experiences are common in the friendships and the human beings’ loves of all.

Scientific models

Is Biological Sciences has love models that describe him/it as an instinct of mammals, just as hunger or thirst. In the psychology he/she sees himself the love as more than a phenomenon: social and cultural.

There are probably truth elements in both positions – the love is certainly influenced by hormone s (such as oxitocina), neurotransmissores (as NGF), and Feromônio s, as well as the form of thinking of the people that he/she does with that these they behave regarding the way love influenced by their conceptions of what the love is.

The conventional vision of the biology is that two great slopes exist in the love – sexual attraction and garnishment.

This would do with that this behavior among adults of a certain species if they pawned in their descendants’ creation in the same way with the one which to work with the same beginnings that take a child to become linked his/her mother. The traditional point of view of the psychology sees the love as being a combination of loving commitment and impassioned love.

Impassioned love is intense, it is desire, and it is a lot of times accompanied by physiologic (lack of air, fast of the heart rhythm) exitação. Loving commitment is affection and an intimacy sensation no accompanied of physiologic excitement.

The Triangular Theory of the Love of Sternberg

In the Triangular Theory of the Love, the love is characterized by three elements: intimacy, passion and commitment. Each one of these elements can be present in a relationship, producing the following combinations:

* Connection or friendship (intimacy)

* Infatuation or limerence (passion)

* Loving pledge (pledge)

* Romantic love (intimacy + passion)

* Loving commitment (intimacy + pledge)

* Love Fático (passion + pledge)

* Love Comsumado (intimacy + passion + pledge)

Styles of Love

Susan Hendrick and Clyde Hendrick developed a Scale of Loving Attitudes based in Alan John Lee theory, theory called love Styles. Lee identified six basic types in his/her theory. In these types the people use in their relationships interpessoais:

* Eros (love) – a based passionate love and based on the physical appearance

* Psiquê – a “spiritual” love, based on the mind and in the eternal feelings

* Ludus – the love that is played as a game; playful love

* Storge – an affectionate love that he/she grows slowly, with base in similarity

* Pragma – pragmatic love, love that just visualizes the moment and the temporary need, of the now.

* Habit – love highly emotional; unstable; the stereotype of romantic love

* Agape – altruistic love; spiritual

Hendrick and Hendrick found in his/her research the following data. The men tend to be more lúdicos and maniacs, while the women tend to be estéricas and pragmatic. Relationships based on love of similar styles tend to last more time.

In 2007, researchers of the University of Pavia led by the Dr. Enzo Emanuele supplied proofs of the existence of a genetic base for individual variations in having verified in the Theory of Lee’s loving Styles. OEros links with the dopamina in the nervous system; and Habit to the serotonina in the nervous system.

Love, passion, and madness

Studies have been demonstrating that the escaneamento of the passionate individuals’ brains exhibits a similarity with the people bearers of a mental disease.

The love creates an activity in the same area of the brain that the hunger, the thirst, and heavy drugs, creating activity Polimerase. New loves, therefore, they could be more emotional than physical.

Along the time, that reaction to the love changes, and different areas of the brain are activated, mainly in those loves that involve commitments of long period. Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neurocientista, suggests that this reaction of modification of the love is so similar to the of the addiction the drugs, because without love, the humanity would die.

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Ana Bela -
About the Author:

Ana Bela adores the love and to be loved see my blog at Dicas para fazer amor and Disfunção Eretil e Ejaculação Precoce .

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Physical attraction, passion and love

In the physical attraction it lives our instincts harnessed to our physiologic state as the sexual needs, pleasure and perpetuity of the species.

Ana Belal

Dec 14, 2009
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Ana Bela adores the love and to be loved see my blog at Dicas para fazer amor and Disfunção Eretil e Ejaculação Precoce .

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