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Question by laura: love???????
how do i know if i am really in love with my boyfriend…i mean i have always thought i was and we have been together for over two and a half years but we argue about stupid things that dont even matter…i dont think people in love should really care about the stupid little things that dont matter…

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Answer by bellatq
arguing is just spice of life but if it is becoming more more stupid and often ten try to think and understand where is he coming at or what is he trying to tell you . for two years with him you should know him better you be the judge of your question. good day

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sometimes we know that we are in the wrong yet we didnt want to admit it…gal…u have to think before u argue with him…when he say u r in the wrong,think..y he say that to u,are u in the wrong?if u make a mistake do admit it but if u think he also made a mistake,explaint to him what is in your mind n tell him what think that u dont want him to repeat..

argue about little things,yes it is love n it means u love him so much n always want the best for the both of u…u should say that to him…just make him remembered about the memorys that u n him had spend together over the yrs..then let him be alone for awhile then after he had cool down try to talk nicely to him about the stupid things that u both been arguing about..

thats my opinion…it still love..unless u feel that u had no love for him no more…

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