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Question by gabe m: Love….?….?….?…?….?
I just want to know if love exists between two people that is strong and uncontrollable and absolutely amazing. A love that has deep desire and you only love that person and want nothing more to make them happy. I want this so badly! I know this sounds rediculious but I just got done reading the twilight series and it made me want a love like that. How do you know if you are in that kind of deep love? Any life examples of this love?

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Answer by Pre-Destined
Love can exist and be very strong between two people and love can be real and true,but frist people must know that……………………

The truth is people don’t get together for the right reasons most people get together because of opinions of family,friends,race or religion.Thats why most couples take their love one for granted.For famous people they only get together for plublicity or rmore fame and rich people usually break up of jealousy of money.You have to be free minded.There will be no more break ups if people get together only for love.

Theres somebody out there for everybody.I found my perfect girl ,but had to look on another continet to find her lol,but it was worth the wait shes a japanese girl and im a non asian man and im a scorpio and shes a taurus and we’re the most happy couple in the world after we denied all the opinions and criticism. Listen the right person never be local you have to look all over the world.

Now know that infatuation is when somebody is highly,greatly,inspired and interested in someone or something that they feel they can grow a great chemisty and bond with or already have.

Love is when you love someone no matter how they areand to be there for each other in bad times and good times. It don’t matter if your girl has more money than you or if the man does.LOVE sould never be about money,,race,star signs or religion and you sould never get with someone because your friends and family want you to be with the person it must be your choice.You can’t let your family,friends and reilgion get in your way for true love.In a relationship or married both people sould be faithful,loyal,respectful,careful and have affection and passion for one another that is what love is.

Now let me tell you what love at first sight is first physical attraction and lust that sould lead to wanted to know the person’s life and personality it sould not matter if the preson is rich or not as long as the person is not lazy to work if he or she has to and the person must have a good influence on you or other people.

Well i hope i helped you:)

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Love like that absolutely exists, but it is very rare, and may take time to find. If you want it bad enough, and are open to it, you will find it eventually, but you have to be strong and hold out for it. I am just like you…I wanted a love like that ever since I was in HS and I am 27 now…and every time I thought I found it it turned out I didn’t really. I got to the point where I felt like love was a lie…something that Hollywood made up and lonely poets yearned for…but then I found Kaylee. At a time when I was at my lowest, thinking that it was over for me, she came into my life, and saved me. From the moment I started talking to her, there was something different, some pull. And the more I was with her, the more it just seemed right, the stronger my feelings got. Now I love her so strongly I can’t even explain how it feels, and I’ve only known her for a couple months. I love her more than I’ve ever loved anybody, and I know more than I ever will. When she is with me, I get this incredibly intense feeling of gentleness toward her, and I have realized, that when you’re in true love, it makes you gentle. And it is not a sensible thing…true love is taking chances, going outside your comfort zone, living for the moment. True love is what some people would call crazy, foolish, but it’s the best crazy foolish thing you’ll ever do. When you meet the person you are to love deeply, you’ll know, and when you do, let go of all you’re holding on to and dive in.

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