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Question by Chasey Lane: ***Love***?
Before people start calling me a stupid teen i’d just like to say i’m 21.
my ex…i loved him so so much. i knew that there was nothing greater i could feel for a person. for most of our relationship he was the best friend i’d ever had in my life. but he exhausted me emotionally, and i’ve found myself much happier without him.

he kept breaking up with me when things got too emotionally intense for him, then he’d come tearfully begging for me back. 3 times he did this. the 4th time he ended it, i said i wanted to end it too. we are no longer talking. and i’m happier. he broke my heart so many times i feel used to it by now…
and as time has passed i’ve realised in so many other ways how he’s just not the guy for me.

but many romantics of yahoo answers keep saying “you only fall in love once” and that i should go back to him (are you crazy?!)
i feel ready to date again already. but apparently i’m now “hardened”?!
DO you find love again? and is it better?

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Idk if this helps, but i once read a little quote that said something like “You will love like this again, but when you do you will deny you ever loved like this.”

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Yes, you do find love again, and it can be greater. I have my own sob story of dating someone then after realizing he wasn’t the one. Don’t let people discourage you, go out and look for the one who makes you happy.

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