Love – Does it really exist???

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Love – Does it really exist???

Love – Does it really exist???

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Home Page > Relationships > Love – Does it really exist???

Love – Does it really exist???

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Posted: Aug 18, 2009 |Comments: 0

A question left unanswered, it is a question should not be answered. We just have to believe that our partner loves us. If we go deep into it analyzing and researching, we might have to suffer a break up. But still, I feel the importance of love. You should ask a person who never have enjoyed someone’s care or love, to talk about it. He/she would know how precious and important it is.

I have asked a school kid, what love is. She told me that, the kiss her mother gives her when she comes back from school is love. I have asked the other one, she told me an interesting answer. “The voice messages which my mom leaves for me in the voice recorders, both in the morning and evening are love”. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it is interesting, with a pinch of pain added to it. The mother’s love, which we call “unadulterated”, is become scarce in the present scenario, where the mother hardly gets time amongst her busy schedule. Well, I don’t want to go deep into this debatable argument, but still, the love should be shown to someone in the right place and in the right time, if not, it is equal to love not shown and the consequences are worse.

Alright, let me get back to my question. I have asked the same question to a teenage schooler(school + goer = schooler, heehe…), he gave me another interesting answer- “When I forget to write my homework, my friend gave me his book, and got scoldings from my teacher, this is what affection and love is”. It is true, friendship is something which is really precious, and without any expectations. A mother loves her kids just because they are born to her, similarly all the relationships, a wife love her husband with expectations, but a friend loves his friend without any reason, or expectations. I had a friend, who never has even thought that I am wrong. Even when I was opposed by my parents, siblings, relatives, she was the one to hold me tight and make me right. I don’t have any anti-theory to post against friendship; in fact I don’t want to do it, as a tribute to my true friend.

Mmm…I am entering the world of a colleger (guess, you don’t need any explanation here) of late teen or early twenties. This is where the meaning of love becomes debatable. However, the meaning of love never gets changed, the perspective is what changes. The question to these colleger from my side was a bit tricky, I dint want to post the same simple question to them, as I know that the response would be much complex. I have asked the colleger to draw a line between friendship and love. He told me that “ A broader version of love is friendship, and the narrow version of friendship is love”. However tricky my question was, the answer was not simpler. But in a sense, he is right. How do we differentiate love and friendship? Again it is debatable. A friend at some point of time becomes a lover, and a lover at some point of time becomes a friend. The limitations and differentiations are to be fixed based on the circumstances. However, at this age nothing becomes serious, neither love does. But, the unfortunate thing is that they don’t have time to think about what they are loosing. The real love and care, it is not about money, or not about your pleasures. It is more than that.

The answer for the question from a 60 year old person will make you understand how important love is, “I lost my walking stick on the way back home from the park, my son helped me to reach back, from then, I never wished to have a walking stick.”  The love can be defined by any means, any words, or any person, but the meaning remains the same, it makes you feel that “You are the only one in the world, and my world is you.” And sometimes it becomes painful, when we see that, “We are not even a part of our loved one’s world”.

I don’t know whether I have answered the question I have started with, but I am happy that I have written about something which makes this world still to revolve around.

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I am a Post Graduate in English.

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I am a Post Graduate in English.

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