Just Mohabbat – Episode 73 – Episode

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Jay writes in his diary about the recent bond that he and his father have developed. On the other hand, Sumitra informs Ishwar about Sanjay’s dislike towards him and urges to woo him with affection. Dodo calls Priya and informs about an aptitude test that will be taken in college leaving Priya apprehensive. Priya talks to her family during the breakfast, who suggest her different professions to choose from but end up mocking her. What will Priya decide? What new amusing events will take place in Jay’s life? this amusing episode to find out. Just Mohabbat is a story of a sensitive young boy, Jay and his wonder days of school and growing up. Jay lives in a hostel in Dehradun away from his parents Maya and Raj and his sister Priya. The story is about Jay and his imaginary friend who he adores. It tells stories of growing up: school, teachers, girls, lectures, friendship, best friends and first love. It also deals with how the decisions made by the parents and the way they behave with their children and in society, impacts the children’s personality and lifestyle. Every child is a little insecure and it is the parent’s responsibility of providing them with love and comfort and a secure environment to grow up in. Just Mohabbat is a story that shows the lighter side of the teenage years and growing up.
Rating: 5 / 5

Sweety wants to put up pictures of her parents in their house, but Sonu is totally against it. After arguing for a long time, Sonu decides to put up the photo of Sweety’s parents but accidently hurts his thumb. What will be the repercussions, to find out. Sonu Sweety is the hilarious narrative of a middle-class Punjabi couple whove been married 7 years, and share a love-hate relationship..They fight everyday of their lives over trifles about the dhobi asking for too much money, buying a washing-machine, and putting up their wedding photograph..but somehow, magically, their love never vanishes..This is the theme of sonu sweety. Cant live with you, Cant live without.. After the initial honeymoon period, Sweety and Sonu Malhotra have started living their marriage in trial and error method..like every other marriage.

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