How is love and sacrifice represented in Pride and Prejudice?

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Question by gOING gREY gAGGLES: How is love and sacrifice represented in Pride and Prejudice?
What is the impact of love and sacrifice on the main characters? What is the author the Pride and Prejudice suggesting about love and sacrifice?
What would be a good thesis statement for these questions?

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Answer by The *CHEEKY* Paper Bunny Boo
A basic theme of the story, one could argue, is that love conquers all. Thinking about it in terms of that particular society, Darcy and Elizabeth shouldn’t have ended up together. He was well off, she was poor. He was upper class, had family connections, and was high up in society. She had no connections, had a family of “silly” sisters and parents, and wasn’t too much in the company of high society. But, despite all the odds against them- family, wealth, their individual pride and prejudices, they ended up together. And why? Because they fought for each other. They fought for a true love that they both deserved.

Darcy sacrifices his pride by paying for Lydia’s shotgun wedding with Wickham. Though he despises the man, he patches up the marriage in order to protect Lydia, which ultimately protects Elizabeth, because then her family isn’t tainted with the scandal. We think Darcy has overcome his pride when he first proposes to Elizabeth, but he hasn’t done that completely yet: he tells her, rather condescendingly, that he wishes he didn’t like her because it’s imprudent for a man of his connection to love someone so beneath him. Ouch, can you say mean much?

Elizabeth, on the other hand, gets the benefit of this match in its social and financial aspects. You’d think she doesn’t give up much, but she does. She too sacrifices her pride, admitting that her first impressions of Mr. Darcy were very wrong, and that he was a much better man than she gave him credit for. She also admits to falling under Wickham’s spell and feels bad that she fell for his facade.

That’s what I have to say on it, really. Hope it helps.

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