How has your love for others made you a better person?

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Question by gOING gREY gAGGLES: How has your love for others made you a better person?
Some people can pick and choose who they love; they seek a balance or a rewarding experience for both paties.
Some people appear to express agape; they try to love everybody in some way, though that’s often impossible.
Some people are narcissistic; they cannot love anyone as much as they love themselves.

In what way(s) has your love for others (or lack of it) given you a sense of self-worth?

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Answer by J*LUVZ*A
My love for others has helped me get through life. I can’t hate people for some reason. I just wasn’t made to hate them I guess. It helps me get through life letting people know I love them and care. I don’t think it is impossible to love everyone in some way. I’m pretty sure I can love everyone in some way.

My dad which has never been there for him I love him more than ever, because I found out that my mother kept me away from him which I love her as well, because she raised me right. She has taken my daughter from me, but I still love her. Okay if you knew every person in my life you could ask me why I love every one of them.

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for me love came suddenly at first when i first saw her i couldn’t help it then i went up to say hi and when she saw me she lost all train of thought and all she did was stare at me for what seemed like i dont know a long time but we decided to wait till we got out of high school. this has taught me a lot more then i can write. you have no idea!!!!!

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