All about Love

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All about Love

All about Love

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Home Page > Relationships > All about Love

All about Love

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Posted: Dec 14, 2009


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All about Love

By: Ana Bela

About the Author

Ana Bela adores the love and to be loved see my blog at Eterno Amor see the Dicas para fazer amor and Disfunção Eretil e Ejaculação Precoce .

(ArticlesBase SC #1581236)

Article Source: about Love

The word love (of the Latin love) is rendered to multiples meanings in the Portuguese language. It can mean affection, compassion, mercy, or still, inclination, attraction, appetite, passion, to want well, satisfaction, conquers, desire, libido, etc. The most popular concept of love involves, in general, the formation of an emotional bond with somebody, or with some object that is capable to receive this loving and alimentary behavior the sensorial and psychological stimulation necessary for his/her maintenance and motivation.

Characteristics of the love

It is spoken about the love in the most several ways: physical love, platonic love, maternal love, love to God, love the life. It is the love type that has relationship with the own person’s character and it motivates her/it to love (in the sense of to want well and to act in advantage).

The a lot of difficulties that that diversity of terms offers, together to the supposed unit of meaning, they happen not only in the modern languages, but also in the Greek and in Latin. The Greek possesses other words for love, each one denoting a specific sense. In Latin we found love, dilectio, charitas, as well as Eros, when he/she refers to the love personified in a deity.

To love also has the sense of liking a lot, being like this possible to love any alive being or I object.

Platonic love

Platonic love is an expression used to designate an ideal love, strange to interest or joys. A popular sense can be it of an impossible love of accomplishing, a perfect love, ideal, pure, chaste.

It is treated, however, of a bad interpretation of the philosophy of Plato, when it links the “platonic” attribute to the sense of something existent just in the plan of the ideas. Because it Idealizes in Plato is not a cogitation of the reason or of the human fantasy. It is the essential reality. The world of the matter would just be a shadow that would remind the light of the essential truth.

The expression Platonic love is a mistaken interpretation of the concept of Love in the philosophy of Plato. The love in Plato is lack. In other words, the lover looks for in the lover the Idea – essential truth – that doesn’t possess. In this it supplies the lack and if it turns , of way dialético, reciprocal.

In opposition to the concept of Love in the philosophy of Plato is the concept of Passion. The Passion would be the desire returned exclusively for the world of the shadows, being abandoned the search of the essential reality. The love in Plato doesn’t condemn the , or the things of the material life.

In the work Symposium (of Plato), there is a passage on the meaning of the love. Sócrates is the most important among the present men. He says that in the youth was begun in the philosophy of the love by Diotima of Mantinea, that was a priestess. Diotima taught him/her the genealogy of the love and for that the ideas of Diotima are in the origin of the socrático-platonic concept of the love. According to Joseph Campbell, it “is not by chance that Sócrates names Diotima as that that gave him/her the instructions and the most significant methods to love / speak. The word spoken by love is a word that comes from the origins.

Philosophical perspective

Differently of the concept of platonic love, when it is spoken about the love in Plato are referring to this philosopher’s thought about the love. The love notion is central in the platonic thought. In their dialogues, Sócrates said that the love was the only thing that he could understand and to speak with cause knowledge. Plato compares him/it to a hunt (comparison also applied to the action of knowing) and it distinguished three love types: the terrestrial love, of the body; the love of the soul, celestial (that takes to the knowledge and it produces him/it); and another that is the mixture of the two. In every case the love, in Plato, is the desire for something that is not possessed.

The theme of the love belongs common to almost all to the Greek philosophers, expert as a beginning that governs the union of the natural elements and as relationship beginning among the human beings. After Plato, however, only the platonic ones and the neoplatônicos considered the love a fundamental concept. In Plutarco the love is the aspiration of that that lacks form (or he/she only has her/it minimamente) to the pure forms and, ultimately, to the Pure Form of the Good. In “Enéadas”, Plotino treats of the love of the soul to the intelligence; and in his/her Epistle ad Marcelam, Porfírio mentions the four beginnings of God: the faith, the truth, the love and the hope. In the thought neoplatônico, the love concept has a meaning fundamentally metaphysician or metaphysician-religious person.

The original love

The love, to happen, not importing the levels: if social, affectionate, paternal or maternal, fraternal – that is the love between siblings and companions – obligatorily it should be allowed. What does mean allowed love to be? Well, in fact hardly ever he/she thinks her on that because it passes so unnoticed that is attributed to a natural behavior of the human being or of other alive beings. But no, the permission here referred is taken by base a reciprocity feeling capable to give beginning and to enlarge the affectivity relationships among two or more people or beings that are in contact and that for fortune come to nurture an affection feeling or love amongst themselves.

The permission happens in an acceptance level natural, mental or physical, in which the being gives opening to the other without they are necessary any obligations or attitudes desmeritórias or confused of none of the parts. The freedom of loving, when the feeling fills out in some way the soul and the body and not only for some minutes, days or months, but for many years, maybe eternally while it lasts and more in the memories and memoirs.

Why do you love me? Because you allowed. That sentence sends to the simplest reciprocity mechanism and loyalty, if a question to the other the reason of his/her love feeling towards him, the answer could only be that. The reason of the love feeling towards the other person relapsed in the own loved person, that in their gestures, words, thoughts and actions checked permission the one that the other person or being – even could be a pet – he/she dedicated him that love feeling.

The love can be understood in different ways, and taken by right although it is a feeling, in that way it is abstract, without form, without color, without size or texture. But it is by itself: The feeling in excellence; the one that wants say that is the primary and initial feeling of whole and each human being, animal or any other being endowed with feelings and natural reasoning power.

All lack love and they want to recognize that feeling in itself and in the other ones, not importing age or . The love is vital for our lives as the air, and it is recognized flagrantly that without love the creature doesn’t survive although the love balances and he/she brings the spirit peace when it is necessary.


Eros represents the part conscious of the love that a person feels for other. It is the love that links from a clearer way to the physical attraction, and frequently it compels the people to maintain her/it a continuous loving relationship. In that sense it is also synonymous of sexual relationship.

To the opposite the Psyche comes, that represents the most spiritual and deep feeling.


Pragma (of the Greek, “practice”, “business”) would be a love form that prioritizes the practical side of the things. The individual evaluates all the possible implications before embarking in a romance. If the apparent courtship has future, he invests. If no, it gives up. It cultivates a list of prerequisites for the partner or the ideal partner and he/she meditates a lot before committing. Search a good father or a good mother for the children and group in bill the material comfort. He/she is always of questions. What do my family find? If I get married, as I will be in five years? How will my life move me to get married?

Love interested in doing well to himself, Love that waits for something in change.


In Greek, it means altruism, generosity. The dedication to the another always comes before the own interest. Who practices that love style surrenders totally to the relationship and he/she doesn’t care in giving up certain wills for the satisfaction of being loved. He/she constantly invests in the relationship, even without being corresponded. It feels well when the other demonstrates happiness. In the limit, it is capable even of resigning to the partner if he/she he/she believes that he can be happier with other person. It is seen by many, as an unconditional form of loving.

The Christian interpretation on Jesus’ origin, includes this love type to describe the action of God, that, when seeing the lost humanity, he/she gives his/her son unigênito, to be killed in the man’s favor.


It is the name of the Greek divinity of the friendship. Therefore, who tends to have that love style values the mutual trust, the integration and the shared projects. The romance begins in a such gradual way that the partners nor they know how to say when exactly. The physical attraction is not the main. The lover-friends don’t tend to have relationships warm, but calm and affectionate. They prefer to capture to seduce. And, in general, they maintain quite durable and stable connections. The one that counts is the mutual trust and the shared values. The lovers of the type storge reveal satisfaction with the affectionate life. He/she usually happens among great friends. Usually the couples with this love type know very well each other.

“Love” vs. “” -: the (in French) word love can also be understood as , when used in expressions as to “do love”, “make love”, (in English) “hacer el love”, (in Castilian) “faire l’amour.” The hispanófonos, for instance, we found the word “love” being, in general, substituted by variations of “wanting”, as in “yo you quiero”, to the detriment of the possible love” “you in Spanish.

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(ArticlesBase SC #1581236)

Ana Bela -
About the Author:

Ana Bela adores the love and to be loved see my blog at Eterno Amor see the Dicas para fazer amor and Disfunção Eretil e Ejaculação Precoce .

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All about Love

The word love (of the Latin love) is rendered to multiples meanings in the Portuguese language.

Ana Belal
Dec 14, 2009


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Ana Bela adores the love and to be loved see my blog at Eterno Amor see the Dicas para fazer amor and Disfunção Eretil e Ejaculação Precoce .

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