Accept The Errors In Your Relationship And Become Truly Happy – Advice From The Love Coach

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Accept The Errors In Your Relationship And Become Truly Happy – Advice From The Love Coach

It´s time to face the fact: NO relationship will ever be perfect anyway so stop trying. You can´t buy the ultimate man in the mall and personalize him to fit your unique demands. Relationships are mysterious and impossible to totally control or mould to perfection. With two people involved plus a trillion circumstances, the outcome will in many ways be out of your control.

The best way to “work” on a relationship is NOT to write a list of things your partner should change, but to improve your own attitude about faults.

When you are in a relationship and annoyed about stuff that might be larger than life for you. But step away for a bit and see what kind of flaws a person can have. He could:

- Waste too much money

- Beat you up

- Slurp the soup

- Wear awful shoes

- Be a bad kisser

- Get tantrums

- Always sleep in

- Always be up too early

- Have a clingy ex

- Have an annoying mum

- Have kids from the past

- Drink too much

- Be sick

- Work long hours
- Be unemployed

- Be stupid

- Be too smart, making you feel stupid

- Be rude to people

- Smell bad

- Always have his mates around

- Never cleans up

- Does not want kids

- Is too tall

- Is too young

- Is bad in bed

- Does not want anymore

- Want you to wear odd outfits…

The list is endless and during my years as a love coach I have for sure got emails and messages about all of these problems. It hits me that the girls who send me their questions put the problem in the centre of their relationship and examin it with magnifying glasses and put the light on it. Which only makes it worse!!

Look at the list and:

1. Be aware of how many flaws your hubby does NOT have

2. Decide that his flaws are not THAT bad, it could be worse

3. Look at all the good things you actually get out of the relationship and calculate + and -

4. Look at your own flaws… Are YOU perfect?

5. Accept that life with another person never will be perfect in your way. If you want everything YOUR way, stay single.

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My name is Carolin Dahlman and I am a love coach and author, helping you find love or fix your relationship. I guide you to know yourself better, set and reach goals, find motivation, get a great attitude and be happy. I am your personal trainer in love life. I coach people all over the world through Skype; contact me if you want guidance!

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